Snackson’s dynamics are based on temporary challenges. During a week the students or participants in the pilot receive access to different microcontents of the chosen course (Energy Management Workshop).

These microcontents are objects of learning, quick reading and assimilation. They can be presented in different formats (videos, questions, graphics, diagrams, infographics, links, short texts …). Points can be earned by viewing the content or by correctly answering the questions posed in the challenge.

Snackson is a start-up in Barcelona that has developed its own methodology that unites: – microlearning, – the mobile, – and gamification dynamics. It uses a learning methodology designed to make mobile use perfect to communicate and consolidate key concepts, combining audiovisual content with interactive self-evaluation.


28 June, 2018
ACCIÓ Networking event
28 February, 2018
Stand at 4YFN
25 March, 2019
Participation of GO SEEDS at Caixabank DayOne Innovation Summit

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