DayOne Innovation Summit is an event organized by Caixabank dedicated to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Its Valencia edition has counted with a panel of experts that under the title “Corporate venturing: innovating with startups” discussed the experience of consolidated companies in implementing actions for collaboration with technological entrepreneurs. Ramón López from the Innovation Office of SUEZ had the opportunity to present the corporate program GO SEEDS for the realization of proof of concepts with start-ups.

The panel was moderated by Carlos Trenchs, director of CaixaBank DayOne, and was also attended by representatives of Lanzadera, KM Zero and Go-Hub (Global Omnium).

During the session, the advantages of collaboration between large companies and start-ups, and the barriers that must be overcome to reach an agreement were highlighted. The main benefits revolve around access to new technologies by large companies and new markets and customers for start-ups. Among the barriers were pointed cultural differences in both types of companies and the need of humility and respect to bring the collaborations to an end.

In addition to a second panel formed by successful entrepreneurs, there were presentations and other activities focused on promoting the networking among the participants.


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