ACCIÓ is the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia. ACCIÓ organized a presentation of the acceleration programs of 3 corporates established in Catalonia: ASICS, Cuatrecases and SUEZ. SUEZ presented the Go Seeds program.

“The vision of the company in the management of resources focuses on the circular economy. We have to look for solutions to punctual problems that are new and innovative” says Ramón López, innovation partner of SUEZ, during the presentation. “They must be collaborative solutions that provide us with knowledge that we do not have inside the company”.

In this line, the Go Seeds program aims at young companies offering support, for example being a venture client so they can grow. “We offer pilot testing of new technologies. We support costs of the test including the developments needed to adapt the solution to our market. We do not own the intellectual property, but we have a first right to negotiate with them concerning what has been generated within the program”. In practice, “we are mentors in the sense that we facilitate them information on our market and put the entrepreneurs in contact with our regular partners.”


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